How much does this service cost?

Our fees are based on a review of the client’s annual turnover, type/volume of personal data, processing locations, languages used to target and serve individuals, and other factors. We also consider demonstrable GDPR compliance steps taken by clients.

GDPR Art. 27

The following plans include use of the GDPR Art. 27 Representative’s contact details, inbox monitoring, and responding to data subjects and supervisory authority inquiries. Our range of monthly fees* start at:
  • £ 49 to 89 ‘Essential’- Ideal for new start-ups processing limited personal data of individuals
  • £ 149 to 189 ‘Standard’ – Suitable for small companies processing personal data
  • £ 349 to 489 ‘Premium’- Popular with companies processing high volumes of personal data of individuals
  • ‘Custom’- Services are tailored for companies with complex data protection requirements including, processing large volumes of special categories of personal data, or monitoring the behaviours of individuals
*Excludes VAT; and extra services (e.g., GDPR consulting, translations, records of processing activities creation, data breach response).

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